Electronics Recycling

SDP believes the best way to recycle is to re-use.

SDP believes the best way to recycle is to re-use.

The sale of pre-owned electronics keeps electronics out of our landfills, decreases consumption of natural resources, and supplies low cost devices that can help bridge the digital divide. We call that a WIN-WIN-WIN. Reuse also creates more and higher skilled jobs than scrapping for commodities does. That’s another WIN.

Any computers deemed non-resalable are thoroughly dismantled in a manner that allows for the safe extraction of the raw materials so they can be reused in other products. SDP is one of the industry’s most experienced computer recycling providers and as a proponent of green IT recycling, we adhere to all current EPA guidelines for the proper disposal of hazardous e-waste

Importance of e-waste compliance:

When computers and related IT hardware is disposed of improperly, the deteriorating components can leak toxins and carcinogens into the environment. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an estimated 251 million PCs were sold in 2007 alone, which means that between 30 to 40 million PCs will be ready for end-of-life management in each of the next few years.

Because of the environmental ramifications of improper computer disposal, hefty fines and penalties are set upon those companies found guilty of not practicing compliant computer recycling. Therefore, it is critical that you partner with the right e-waste recycling service provider and let SDP handle the technology recycling and disposal for your company so you can effectively and responsibly minimize your eco footprint.

SDP is an EPA – compliant computer recycler that has the experience and equipment necessary for recycling of all kinds of IT equipment – including servers, storage, networking equipment, laptops, printers, VOIP, Audio/Video equipment and more. We recycle used computer hardware from a variety of name brand manufacturers including: Dell, Cisco, HP, IBM .

Please call our recycling team to get a quote and discuss your recycling needs. You can also send an email to recycle@sdpassetrecovery.com, or clink on the link above to schedule a pick up.

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