Data Destruction Services

Data security is one of the most important issues for our clients.

We offer a variety of services, depending on the type of data storage device, the value of the device, and the sensitivity of the data on the device.

We offer a variety of services, depending on the type of data storage device, the value of the device, and the sensitivity of the data on the device. We discuss all the different services with each client before any project begins.

Digital Data Wiping

Data wiping is the most green method of data erasure. It uses less energy than other methods, and no safety or hazmat issues. The drives can be reused or sold which is better for the environment and provide the client with a return on there assets. Our wipe software meets or exceeds NIST SP 800-88 and Department of Defense 5220.22-M (three pass) data erasure standards.


Physical Destruction

When executed using approved devices, NIST rates physical destruction of media ss the most secure method sanitization. After media are destroyed, they cannot be reused as originally intended.

  • Cannot provide verification of the destruction process as required for regulatory compliance unless electronic data purges also take place prior to physical.
  • Hard drive or other media is no longer usable; econmically wasteful, environmentally questionable.
  • Typically outsourced to a metal destruction or incineration facility, which may compromise control.
  • Specific safety, hazmat, and special disposition requirements

Certificate of Destruction

After determining which data destruciont method is best for the client SDP provides a detailed data destruction certificate for your record keeping and compliance needs. Email for more details and an quote for your project

Data Destruction & Security

Data security is one of the most important issues for our clients. SDP Asset Recovery eliminates the risk of any data leaving our client’s custody or protection. We provide DOD-compliant hard drive erasure when our clients want to reuse their hard drives or recover more value from them.

Our data destruction processes is well documented and we provide our clients with a fully auditable security framework ensuring full compliance with HIPAA/HITECH, GLB, FACTA, SOX and other data privacy regulations. If hard drives are unable to physically spin and are unable to be wiped by DOD software, the hard drives must be physically shredded, to insure that the data will not be compromised (in such circumstances, there is a small added fee for shredding).


DOD Wipe – Specific DOD Standards

(DOD 5220.22-M and NIST800-88)
Items slated for data destruction are pre-marked and labeled at time of original pick up. Our account manager and drivers identify those items and immediately separate them and move to our “Clean Room” for data destruction, shredding and certification (note: due to their sensitive nature and to assure non-proliferation of private information, hard drives are dealt with to specific standards). Hard drives are collected separately and are secured in a safe location where they are then transported to the clean room to be digitally wiped in strict compliance with D.O.D. standards.

Client Identity Removal

SDP Asset Recovery ensures that any client reference on the assets we receive is completely removed and destroyed. This includes client asset tags and other markings. The client identity removal step occurs during the audit phase and is confirmed separately following the testing phase.

Data Erasure

SDP Asset Recovery guarantees that all data on all media devices on all assets we receive from our customers will be destroyed. We utilize state-of-the-art data erasure software that is compliant with the most stringent US and international data security standards including: DOD 5220.22-M, NSA, HMG Infosec Standard No: 5,OPNAVINST 5239.1A, and the National Computer Security Centre (NCSC-TG-025). We provide our clients with documented proof of erasure for audit compliance. If there is any failure of the erasure process, media devices are removed and physically shredded within our secure facilities. The media device serial number, shred time and shredder operator name is stored in our asset tracking system.

SDP Asset Recovery provides Certificates of Data Erasure and Destruction for each pickup we perform. This document provides client liability protection and certification of full data destruction and compliant recycling by serial number.

Data Security is a major concern for companies and individuals alike in this day and age of mind-boggling technology. Tech Waste Recycling eliminates the risk of any data by providing DOD, NSA, HMG, OPNAVINST and the NCSC (National Computer Security Centre), compliant hard drive erasures.


Our data destruction services include:

Hard drive shredding:

In hard drive shredding we utilize high security hard disk shredders or disintegrators and destroy the drive physically so that there is no possible way to retrieve data. In other words an ideal solution for computer hardware that cannot be reused, sold or donated. Not only do we make it fast and efficient to get rid of data but we also provide our clients with the security of state of the art facilities, proper documentation of destruction, serial number reporting, asset tag removal, chain of custody documentation and secure real time asset tracking and logistics.


Degaussing is a process that decreases or eliminates a residue magnetic field. It is a very effective way of destroying the data on a magnetic media. Our specialized degaussing methods also known as erasure, leave the domains in random patterns with no preference to orientation, thereby rendering previous data unrecoverable. It is a very effective method of data destruction when we have to protect the needs of our clients from the banking and financial, military and government, healthcare and medical, education, information technology and any commercial organization with sensitive data.

Contact us for hard drive shredding services and for computer liquidation prices and fast removal of your excess IT assets. You can contact us by calling our toll-free number, emailing or simply completing our quick form. We assure you that we will respond to your needs promptly.